Fleeting, Sunsets and Sand

Fleeting moments in the sand

As an experiment, I’ve decided to start completing the Photo Friday challenges (budding photographer, gotta start somewhere!).

It seems like a fun challenge, and since I spend virtually every Friday bumming around coffee shops, I figured I might as well participate!

I started last week. The theme was “Rain,” which was fairly easy, since I have literally hundreds of photos of rainy, rainy days in San Francisco. You can see my entry for last week on Flickr.

This week’s theme is “Fleeting.” My brain is still working on automatically matching photos with concepts, so I decided to take a stroll down memory lane, in the form of my iPhoto library. I found lots of pictures from lots of places, but couldn’t connect any of them specifically with the theme.

I found this one, from Chinatown:

Where's Waldo, anyone?

And this one, from Christmas:

A very cold looking squirrel

But neither of these seemed particularly fleeting.

So at this point, with the sun rapidly sinking and my coffee getting cold, I decidedly to flip randomly through my albums with my eyes closed and let fate, or destiny, or some cruel cosmic joke pick one.

I ended up in my Santa Cruz folder, where I found the delightful image at the top.

Here it is again, in case you can't be bothered to scroll up.

I think it captures a lovely moment of childhood play in the golden setting sun. (As an English major, I could go on and on about the symbolism here, but I think I’ll spare you.)

Of course, after I found this image, I thought of a million others that could apply. That’s the handy thing about broad, one word themes: they can be stretched, molded, and haphazardly applied.

You just have to think about it the right way.


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