Slowly Sinking Downward

Reflecting on the Photo Friday theme this week, “Downward,” I realized that I don’t have much to show for it. Looking at my pictures, I realize I’m much more of an upward girl…I tend to point that camera up mountains, buildings, trees… Maybe I’m an optimist!

Anyway, I thought I would trace the downward arc of the sun at sunset, which is amazingly beautiful, especially when there’s an ocean involved.

These pictures are from a sailing trip I took to the British Virgin Islands. I was meeting someone, and while I waited, I watched the sunset, from beginning to end.

And so it begins!

So much gold…

A passing sailboat takes it in…

Nearly there!

And…it’s gone!

I love the feeling of calm just after the sun sets. The world always seems like it doesn’t know exactly what to do without that golden orb. It’s a moment when all you can do is be amazed at the wonderful colors of the sky.

Now, back to my finals, so I can get out of this library and home for the summer!


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