Walking Among the Masters

Well, after a very  busy couple of weeks of finals, packing, and moving, I’ve finally managed to catch my breath!

The photo theme for this week is “Walk.”

Art museum strolling…

I love art museums. I think they’re fascinating, and not just for the art they house! Last year, I did a research project on how people interact with art inside (and especially outside) of museums, and after I gave my presentation, someone in the audience asked if I had always hated art museums! I guess I didn’t present museums very well…

Anyway, I love how people walk around in them, from the timid newbies to the experienced art experts, the tourists seeking famous paintings to the explorers looking for beauty, and everyone in between.

I would probably qualify as a mixture of those personalities…I’m as wowed by famous artists as the next girl, but I also love finding unusual, interesting, and sometimes outright strange art.

Art museums provide some of the greatest people watching–you’re bound to see some pretty strange interactions. Plus, the outfits are to die for!


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