Old Books, Fresh Eggs: Wyoming Wonders

Words, words, words! As you may have guessed from the fact that I’m an English major, I’m kind of a word lover. And anyone who’s a word lover is also a book lover.

I was up in Wyoming for a race this weekend. No, not one that I competed in (I like being able to breathe too much), but one that I enjoyed watching while sipping a latte and reading Faulkner.

Anyway, on the way home from the lovely Dubois, Wyoming, we stopped at the cutest bookstore I’ve ever been to. It’s called Mad Dog and the Pilgrim, and it’s somewhere between Dubois and Laramie…Sweetwater Junction, if you can find that on a map!

In this case, you can judge a book(store) by its cover!

When we pulled up the gravel driveway past several ramshackle houses, we were greeted by a welcome sign and a small herd of freshly sheared sheep. Entering the barn that houses the bookstore was like stepping into English nerd heaven. Books, books, everywhere!

It’s chock full of old books, arranged by topic, from Western to Children’s to Poetry to Religion. Scattered here and there are big comfy chairs (though you might have to clear a few books off of them!) and old movie posters.

Have a seat!

Colorful books!

You could wander the twisting and turning book alleys for a week and not see all the books they have! And inside each book? Words and words and words!

We picked up a couple of books to delight on our long car ride home, and stopped to chat with the friendly ladies (wearing matching flannel) who run the store.

We didn’t, however, check out their fresh eggs. Maybe next time!


One thought on “Old Books, Fresh Eggs: Wyoming Wonders

  1. This is lovely. I want to go to Wyoming now. I love exploring used bookstores (or just bookstores) and if there’s fresh eggs as well…what’s not to love?! Unless you’re vegan…

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