The (Crazy) Colors of Yellowstone

This week’s Photo Friday theme is “Summer colors.” I haven’t been feeling very post-motivated lately, but that theme, along with a little friendly nudging from a certain friend, has gotten me back into it!

I went to Yellowstone for the first time a few weeks ago, and the colors were absolutely stunning! Here’s a small but representative sampling of the million pictures I took…of course, the second main attraction is the crowds of people, and I got lots of pictures of that too, but that’ll have to wait for a later post. August is apparently the busiest month over at Yellowstone, so you can imagine my delight!

Anyway, here goes!

Orange and blue, who knew?

And did I mention the interesting textures?

The steam adds a nice touch too…


Still can’t get over that orange/yellow/blue combination!


Almost sky blue?

Dead trees against the sky? Very cool.

Beautiful, right? On the plane on the way there, I sat next to an older woman who told me Yellowstone’s her favorite park anywhere! I can certainly see why….but then, at a rodeo in Superior, Montana later in the trip (pictures possibly forthcoming), another older woman told me Glacier is her favorite! Next time I’m in Montana, I’ll have to see if she’s right!


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